Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mobile book

This year, I have decided to read - ALOT! Of course I have been reading last year and the year before that too, but what is different this year is that I am going to read constantly!!! I recently found out that I can download books from the internet into my mobile phone (my techno wizard sister introduced this new technology to me!). Now I can read anywhere I like without carrying heavy books. Of course there is a limit to what books I can download - for example, the latest is not yet available etc. But, there are plenty of books which I have not read, so I'm quite excited about this!

Also, another thing which helps while reading from my mobile is that my sister also downloaded a dictionary onto my mobile, that way, I can look up any words which has not yet computed in my brain! Very useful!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!with your long term reading! Very beautiful photo!! M