Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chilli diet

I heard somewhere (I always tend to hear all sorts of ideas from somewhere!) that eating chilli everyday is beneficial to your well being. Notably, beacuse as your body warms up, you use up more energy, thus your metabolism increases, and also burns fat. Also, I personally think that the blood circulation becomes more active, and so it is also good for your heart (this information is strictly non-medically supported, so do take this with a pinch of salt!).

So, every lunchtime, when I am at home, I try to put one finely chopped red chilli with any vegetables - like carrots, courgettes, onion, sometimes okra and stir fry them. When I eat it, at first it's not as hot as I expected, but few seconds later, it hits you, and soon it feels like there is a heater burning inside your body! It is especially good to eat this in this cold winter's day - big savings on your heating bills???

Note: I have gone into this diet not because I need to lose weight (I of course have a perfectly good figure and hardly in need of a diet!), but just to have some food which I haven't tried before.

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